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Don't self-publish your film, they said

About two weeks ago I launched #CryptopiaFilm, a documentary about Bitcoin, Blockchain, and the Future of the Internet, on our website ignoring advice to publish it on Amazon, Netflix and iTunes instead. Here’s a quick 4 paragraph update on how it’s going so far.

We communicate with our audience mostly on Twitter. Did we manage to get the word out about our movie launch?

700'000 impressions means: “Yes, we did”. Most of the traffic is organic. Only the yellow bars represent ‘paid’ traffic via Twitter Ads. I am still experimenting with these.

We used more than 40 different assets (quotes, images, videos, gifs, …) but the most important one was the short version of our trailer which accounts for about 40% of all impressions on the platform. As of today, it has generated 75'000 trailer views (92% organic/8% paid), over 200 Likes and 100 Retweets.

But what about other platforms? To be honest, our traction on YouTube, facebook and instagram has been anemic. And despite the more than 1'100 subscribers on LinkedIn actual traffic to the landing page has been very low. Search engines, however, still drive traffic. In our case Google is about 10 times more important than DuckDuckGo and 100 times bigger than Bing. Most effective in terms of conversion rates have been personalized email messages to our subscribers. We are building an email list since the launch of “Bitcoin: The End of Money as we know it” in 2015. In total, all this effort on social media has yielded 20'000 visits from 10'000 users onto our website.

But do they like the film? So, far the feedback has been tremendous. We’re at 9.2 on IMDb (please rate us there!). Positives: “Unbiased” “Not shy to pull punches” “Captures the Zeitgeist” “Shows the good, the bad and the ugly of the industry”. Negatives: “You don’t cover enough of project X” “Why do you show person Y?” “You should have interviewed Z” “You should have interviewed me!” and, a fair question: “Why don’t you sell the film accepting cryptocurrency?” The answer is complicated and has to do with geo-blocking for a prestigious film festival.

So what’s next? Let me soon update you on language versions, post-Covid events (?), television versions and … probably caving in ... and publishing it onto the big tech platforms (so much for cutting out the middle men...).

Thanks for all your support!



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